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The Georgia HOA Alliance is working with organizations and local government to develop a comprehensive Bill of Rights for Georgia's Community Associations, which includes COAs, HOAs, and POAs. Currently, local laws vary county by county leaving no uniformity to protect homeowners' rights. Working with all stakeholders, GHA is working with state lobbyists and legislators to enact uniform laws that protect Georgia communities and homeowners.





To ensure that relations between homeowners and their associations are both fair and amicable, this bill of rights proposes an equitable resolution of disputes, identifies rights regarding homeowner and association rules and charges, preserves individual autonomy, and promotes both oversight and voting within the association. This bill of rights invokes a standard of reasonability for all actions. It also includes a state Office of Ombudsperson for Homeowners as an avenue for facilitating resolution of disputes in a manner that strengthens communities.


Table of Contents​

  1. Application and Definitions

  2. The Right to Security against Foreclosure

  3. The Right to Resolve Disputes without Litigation

  4. The Right to Fairness in Litigation

  5. The Right to Be Told of All Rules and Charges

  6. The Right to Stability in Rules and Charges

  7. The Right to Individual Autonomy

  8. The Right to Oversight of Associations and Directors

  9. The Right to Vote and Run for Office

  10. The Right to Reasonable Associations and Directors

  11. The Right to an Ombudsperson for Homeowners

  12. The Right to Transition as a Homeowner

  13. Duties of the Developer

Kahne, David A Bill of Rights for Homeowners in Associations: Basic Principles of Consumer Protection and Sample Model Statute, (Dec. 19, 2014, 2:05 P.M.)

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