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What is Georgia HOA Alliance?

A coalition of communities in Georgia united to educate, empower, and protect Georgia homeowners.

What does GHA offer?

GHA offers education and training opportunities for neghborhood associations and homeowners.


Is GHA for homeowners or HOAs?

GHA is for both homeowners and HOAs. GHA strives for homeowners and HOAs to abide in unity.

How much does it costs to attend a Boot Camp?

HOA Boot Camps are FREE for registered attendees.


Where are Boot Camps offered?

Currently, HOA Boot Camps happen in the following counties: Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, and Fulton. Henry County will host one soon. For more information contact us.


What is the GA Community Associations Protection and Transparency Bill (CAPT)?

The GA CAPT is legislation aimed at protecting the rights of Georgia homeowners and communities through uniformity of practices, standards, and ordinances.


Does GHA have preferred vendors?

Yes, if you want to become a preferred vendor please contact us.

  • Atlanta Dispute Resolution

  • Atlanta Executive Property Management

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