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Community Members Collective Interests: Now is the Time

Do you need help with your HOA board? You’re not the only one! Residents in many communities speak up and unite to ensure board members hear their voices. It is the collective voice of the members of a community association that gives it power. Members must move beyond complaining at some point and take action for change that affects all community associations. Stand up for change with #HOAStandup.

Some community associations can frustrate residents (HOA, POAA, COA, ...) boards. However, when applied equally and consistently, it’s essential to recognize that community associations are important in maintaining and managing shared resources, enforcing rules and regulations, and

If you need more support from your community association board, there are a few things you can do to address your concerns. One option is to reduce your matters to text and send them to the community association attention to the management company and board of directors, attending HOA meetings, and voicing your opinions or concerns during the open forum. You can also contact individual board members and the management company to discuss your concerns.

You can work with other residents in your community to form a homeowners’ association coalition to ensure that boards hear your voices and address your concerns. By working together, residents can create a positive change in their communities and ensure that their HOA is acting in the best interests of all residents. #CommunitiesUnited

After much deliberation, community association legislation is on the move forward. Now is the time to focus on the next steps for action to ensure that new legislation is embraced and enforced within our communities to hold board members accountable and ensures compliance.

We must continue prioritizing education by connecting with community members and fostering a cohesive environment to learn from one another’s experiences. Community leaders must take the initiative to critically engage local professionals and organizations with the required technical expertise to implement these new legislative changes effectively. This will prove beneficial both long-term and short-term as community members’ concerns are addressed and contribute to a quality of life. There is no limit to what we can accomplish collectively when a community comes together as a unified force to achieve its shared objectives, ensuring that boards follow them. #ChangeIsHere

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