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The HOA Handbook: Avoid Managing Your Community in Isolation is an essential guide for community association training. This comprehensive handbook provides valuable information and best practices for effectively managing and operating communities. From handling common issues to implementing successful communication strategies, this book covers a wide range of topics to help community associations thrive. It is important to note that The HOA Handbook does not provide legal advice, and it is recommended that all legal questions be posed to your legal firm. Whether you are a board member, property manager, or resident, this handbook is a must-have resource for successfully navigating the responsibilities of community association management.

The HOA Handbook

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    We appreciate your consideration of our HOA Handbook (e-book version). You will find a significant amount of information and samples for standardizing your management and operation of your community association.  Your contribution shall add value to future education, advocacy and initiatives that benefit all residents of the community association communities.

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